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Retr~eat walks


It all started when…

The idea of Retr~eat walks was born when people started tweeting me asking for great Sussex walks. Me and my labrador, Monty, know the Sussex countryside well but I always had a burning desire to connect people I have met socially and through my work.

The idea is to hold a monthly walk near to Brighton or accessible by public transport. Each walk will vary in length and give the opportunity to meet new people and talk about where you’re at in life. I encourage you to avoid questions like ‘what do you do?’ and instead try something new like ‘where are you at right now?’ or ‘what have you got going on?’.

I invite walkers to come without judgement and open their ears to whatever your fellow walkers might want to talk about. And be encouraged to talk about whatever your heart desires. There is no pressure to talk about any particular topic - keep it lighthearted, talk about something big, run an idea past your fellow walkers, talk about your relationship problems or celebrations. Anything goes!

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