conscious living

Retr~eat is a UK blog, based in Sussex, focused on celebrating conscious living – incorporating well produced, nutritious food as well as simple recipes for the home cook, some home products and interiors, plus retreats in Sussex and further afield.

The curator of this blog is me, Emma Croman dipCNM. My full time job is a food and lifestyle photographer and I’m also fully trained in nutritional therapy (3 years of in-depth study with the amazing CNM). I'm also a wine loving, foot in mouth kinda lady with a penchant for drum'n'bass. 

Following a bad car accident in 2009 which left me with chronic pain, I began my own journey of food, lifestyle and mindfulness to tackle pain management and mental health. The impact of small and realistic changes in attitude and approach to life has been profound.

You'll find there will be no preaching on this blog on how you should eat or live your life - I believe in moderation and not allowing any imposed way of eating or being cause emotional worry. I believe in working, playing and resting in balance.  

This blog is all about celebrating a healthy (in body and mind) but sustainable way of life while having consideration for the world around us and the creatures that share it with us. 

'Conscious living'

DEFINITION to be aware of one's own existence, sensations, thoughts and surroundings.