My 2 minute confidence boost

I have a similar approach to my beauty products as I do to clothing - I want to buy well but little. There's nothing like leaving the house with a little bit of luxury to give you a confidence boost as you go about your day - except when you know you’ve bought consciously. These few products are all natural and feel like a proper treat every time I use them. 

4 products that give a bit of conscious indulgence when leaving the house

My full stop, if I only ever had to have one, favourite perfume is Nordic Cedar by Maya Njie. Maya Njie creates genderless scents in London that are inspired by a family photo album - how ace is that? All these scents are produced in a small batch process and bottled by hand. I get so many compliments on mine and I am a loyal fan. 

I love a dry oil - I like to use on my neck and shoulders as well as lower arms and then I rub my hands through the bottom of my hair - it adds a beautiful shine and vitality. This one from Caudalié is completely natural and smells divine. It really makes me feel special. 

I never leave the house without curling my eyelashes - I love to feel bright eyed with them open and sparky! My eyelash curlers are very, very old but if I was to replace them I would go with these

I cannot get enough of the paw paw ointment from Sukin. I use it on my lips but also add a little smudge to the apples of my cheeks and rub in to add a healthy looking sheen. It also works beautifully to soften cuticles. 

Formally Emma Gutteridge