Ears & Eyes ~ September

Phew-eee! This summer has been delightful, mad, challenging in all the right ways and extremely giving. Commissions have been in abundance and I’ve been shooting a lot - which also means a lot of editing but I am so happy to getting in the right projects.

As the beautiful summer winds down and inspiring autumn sets in I have been reading and listening while I can but have found myself choosing music over voices in September. Music has always helped me think and work ideas through and when days are full I find I need more output than input.

I’ve also found myself looking at a lot of interiors accounts, I think as sundown rewinds into the day we all feel the need to look into our homes a little.

Podcasts and audio books

I have definitely been erring on the side of light entertainment in this realm!

My Dad Wrote A Porno ~ what do you get when a successful creative in production finds his retired Dad has written a porno? Well… this podcast it seems. Jamie Morton, James Cooper & Alice Levine work through this terrible book and it’s bloody brilliant.


Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness ~ who doesn’t want a weekly dose of Jonathan of Queer Eye fame? Perfect for listening to while cooking. LOVE HIM.

The Hidden Brain ~ using science and storytelling social scientist Shankar Vedantam explores sociology, anthropology, behaviour and social science. Fascinating and particularly good for the car.

Women of the Hour by Lena Dunham ~ I love this podcast, it’s perfect for walking, commuting and for stolen moments on an evening. Thought provoking and full of useful nuggets to expand and open even wide minds.


I’ve not had much reading time in Sept and that I did have I spent a lot on Ali Smith’s How to Be Both. I read it for my book club and perhaps wasn’t in the right frame of mind for it but I found it quite taxing! If you’re thinking of reading it maybe try and get the version of the book that starts in history. But it is a very clever book so if you’re into that, especially if you are a fan or art, you’d love it.

The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead ~ heartbreaking, graphic but extremely important. It’s not easy reading by any stretch and while the book is essentially fiction, it gives you a frank picture of history. I am thankful to have found this book - I was ashamed to find that I didn’t have an accurate picture of what life meant for any individual in slavery and to not be in ignorance is always a hugely important part of understanding culture.

The Clever Guts Diet ~ I work with Tanya Borowski (who had a large part in this book) and her passion and drive for research in the field of the gut is astounding. It’s becoming increasingly clear that gut health is extremely important and this book will help you understand the correlation between your digestive system and your immunity, emotions and stress hormones, among many other interesting nuggets that will make you go ‘oooooo’.

People and blogs

Hello Peagreen - Mary Middleton is an interiors journalist, predicting and reporting on trends. Her Instagram account is bursting with things that will make you want to chuck out all your IKEA furniture and start again. Highly recommended if you want to be a bit braver with your home style.

Amy Purdy - if you are needing a bit of a kick up the arse or are feeling a bit low on your lot, fire up this TED talk. I won’t say anything about it, just watch it. Expect tears.

Monica Lewinski ~ The Price of Shame such a beautifully executed talk and a reminder that we all need to give others a little slack and read between the lines.


The Isle of Dogs ~ yes yes yes! Love Wes Anderson and love this stop motion film! So good.

Room ~ beautifully shot and very human, this film explores the emotions of a mother held in captivity with her young son who has never known life outside of a small room - before and after freedom. No happy endings, but reality and a strikingly empathetic storyline. And all beautifully shot.


Digible Planets ~ Blowout Comb I was reminded of this by a play on 6Music - this hip hop trio were formed in Brooklyn, in 1987 (I was 8!). It’s a blinder of an album and one I’m glad to have back in my ears.

Maribou State - Kingdoms in Colour before releasing their 2 albums, Maribou State gained a bit of attention with some remixes (for Kelis, Fatboy Slim, Lana Del Ray among others) and some EPs. Their first album Portraits in 2015 was beautifully reminiscent of 90’s trip hop but this new album is slightly more folky while keeping it’s downtempo core.

Mindie Lind ~ do you know when you hear an artist on something and go digging for some EP’s and there isn’t any but your appetite is so whetted you bookmark them and check for an update every few days? Yeah, that. I heard of Mindie through Lena Dunhams podcast (the body edition) and I am hooked.

Lyves ~ I first stumbled across Lyves in 2016 and Darkest Hour made it onto my 2016 yearbook playlist. Lyves is the alias of Aylesbury born Francesca Bergami and her songs are emotive, reflecting her background in psychology that she studied when she started to doubt a future in music. I want to say the music is quiet but it doesn’t communicate how immersive her music is. I love listening to Lyves on the train after a evening out.

What about you?

I am always on the look out for new things to watch, read and listen to. If something has been impacting you please let us know in the comments.

Formally Emma Gutteridge