Self employment mantra #01
Photography by Sussex photographer Emma Gutteridge

Sometimes you just feel overwhelmed. You get out of bed and know there is a list of to do as long as your arm and… You. Just. Cannot. Be. Arsed. All you want to do is sit on your pants eating popcorn and watching Withnail & I. Well, why don't you? Seriously. Time off is good for us. It feeds our mind and our soul and it looks after our health and stress levels. But deadlines loom, you need to market and make money and there’s just a load of niggling things that need doing. Taking time off makes you feel more stressed.

Maybe it's not Richard E Grant but you can find a compromise. Forget structure. Forget sitting at your desk and ticking off your desk plan. Put your pyjamas on, make a pot of tea, dig out some 90’s trip hop, find a blanket, grab your laptop and hit the sofa.

Photography by Sussex photographer Emma Gutteridge

With comfort comes creativity. Structure and self imposed deadlines doesn’t feed creativity. There is a reason why genius’s and artists have a history of haphazard lives. Creative people aren’t meant for power suits. We’re not meant for desks and office hours. You’re self employed, take full advantage. And take it from me having just spent a day doing it, you’re way more likely to get more done beavering on your laptop than sitting somewhere wishing you were somewhere else (which generally is the sofa). And if you fancy a gin and tonic for lunch, indulge yourself. Just don't do it every day.

(my favourite tip – have TED talks on in the background, just not the ones about structure)

Formally Emma Gutteridge