Skincare // Introducing Antipodes
Antipodes are an organic, natural skincare brand from New Zealand. Read more about them on

Regular readers will know I've been on a endless search for a good, natural and organic cleanser for a while now. I've had short lived love affairs with a few others - they seemed to be doing the job but after a while none seemed to work for me long term - I'm not sure if it was a build up and perhaps I should have been a bit more proactive with doing a regular mask. That said, I really like to keep my skincare simple - complex routes are tiresome for me and I'd rather my skincare just work without me putting in too much effort, especially in busy periods. I'd like the moon on a stick too please. I'm not sure how I stumbled upon Antipodes - it was very possibly on wondrous holistic skincare blog Get That Glow - but the discovery of them has been a game changer for me.

Antipodes was formed in New Zealand and they offer bioactive skincare products in recyclable packaging. You really get a sense from all of their products that they have connected with what's available in plant and natural form around them and cleverly used them to create a range of gorgeous, indulgent products that really work. Without a doubt the Juliet Skin Brightening Cleanser steals the show for me. The active manuka honey rids my skin of any blemishes and is also anti bacterial and anti microbial, the scent is sweet but also natural and it feels of a real premium quality. A lot of friends have said how bright my skin is and as my diet isn't as good as usual at the moment I can only attribute it to the cleanser.

I loved the Hallelujah cleanser too, it smells lush, but I found the Juliet cleanser left my skin feeling cleaner and brighter. I save the Hallelujah for holidays and when my skin is feeling a little dry.

Antipodes are an organic, natural skincare brand from New Zealand. Read more about them on

My other faves out the range are the Deliverance hand cream and my skin hero - the aptly named Divine face oil. It's rich in collagen boosting avocado oil which delivers natural, rich but gentle nourishment for skin and helps to reduce lines and age spots. It's blended with rosehip oil and finally fragranced with jasmine and sweet orange. It's pure bliss - just apply 15 minutes before bed to allow time for it to absorb. I also use it under make up in the summer to give a fresh, heathy appearance to the skin. I have also stopped using a daily eye cream (I'm using pure, organic sesame oil as an eye make up remover) and just gently dab it carefully around the outside of the eye area.

If you're after luxurious organic skincare that won't cost the earth, Antipodes are for you. I buy my Antipodes products from The Natural Dispensary but you can also find them here.

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