Re-TREAT Tuesday // Quinoa & Artichoke hair care from Green People

Re-TREAT Tuesday // Quinoa & Artichoke hair care from Green People

It's been a while since I posted a re-TREAT Tuesday. I guess recently I haven't been consuming much as I've just get genuinely content not shopping for a bit but I will still continue with the posts as and when I do find something that I feel compelled to share with you! I am a huge believer in what we put on ourselves is as important as what we put inside us. Until recently I have always been so fussy about the products I use in my hair, I used to wear it poker straight and swore by expensive brands so keep it looking it's best. But then, having learned a bit more about it I made the switch to organic shampoo and conditioner about 5 years ago and have never looked back - high street shampoos contain SLS (a cheaply produced synthetic foaming agent), parabens (the jury is still out on parabens and the effects they have on our hormones but I don't like the idea of putting them on my body!) and synthetic fragrances.

When I made the switch I was so worried about my hair not looking it's best but actually what I've found is it is so easy to manage and looks so much better than it did, therefore reducing the need to be fussing with it all the time. Pre going organic I used to see people with hair that just dried beautifully without styling, straightening and/or curling. I was so jealous of people who could just wash their hair and leave it. Well, now I can. And I'm so happy!

I've been using Jason's sea kelp shampoo and conditioner which is great but does sometimes leave my scalp a bit itchy. It also contains alcohol and a few other things I would rather avoid. But recently Green People sent me a sample of their new quinoa and artichoke shampoo and conditioner to try and I'm a total convert.

If you're a regular reader of the blog you'll know I'm a huge advocate of their products so I was super excited to try these. When I received them I was impressed with the bottles, they felt expensive and on par with any 'luxury' brand such as Redken and I love how they look in the bathroom (it isn't a deal clincher but always a nice bonus!).

Green People Quinoa and artichoke organic hair care range review. Retreat // a food and lifestyle blog focusing on well being and natural skin care.

The smell is delicious, really clean and fresh but also earthy - I can't bear over perfumed products. The shampoo itself went a long way and lathered up really well, what hit me most is how cleansing it felt, my hair actually squeaked as I rinsed it out. I was worried it might be a bit drying but then I applied the conditioner which instantly smoothed and made my hair feel so soft and luxurious. Again, a little went a long way.

After washing my hair it felt really clean and smelt gorgeous. I was desperate to see how my hair looked so blasted it a little with the hairdryer and the first thing that was obvious was the shine - so gorgeous! But also my hair colour looked almost creamy. Overall it looked nourished, felt strong and full of volume. See for yourself, I'm the most awkward selfie taker ever, so apologies for that!

Green People quinoa & artichoke organic shampoo and conditioner.

I do avoid washing my hair a lot so unless I've been to the gym or for a swim (or I caught caught in the rain) I leave it for 2-3 full days each time but this time around I was able to leave it for 4. My hair was smooth, frizz free and looked really shiny for all 4 days.

I've also tried out the quinoa & avocado styling gel which I used the morning before shooting a wedding - I applied it while my hair was damp and then styled it and it held the waves all day! I'm really pleased as I was having to rely on a chemical heavy high street brand.

Green People Quinoa and artichoke organic hair care range review. Retreat // a food and lifestyle blog focusing on well being and natural skin care.

I'm totally hooked on the quinoa and artichoke hair care range! I'll definitely be buying when I run out.

Prices are around the same as salon products - a travel pack of 100ml of shampoo & conditioner is £16.95 if you'd like to test before buying full size. Full size bottles are £14.95 each. And the styling gel is £9.95. But Green People are generously offering readers 20% off with code SUPERFOOD20.

I am not paid for featuring any of the Green People products - I just genuinely love them and want to shout from the rooftops about them!

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