Veg box ideas // Cavolo Nero

Veg box ideas // Cavolo Nero

I've pretty much cemented the regular features for this blog now, every Tuesday I'll be sharing some treats with you (food and home related), every month will be a Spotlight post on a Sussex business who's ethos rocks and I'll try and do an interiors inspiration post every Saturday. Then (almost) every Friday, because I receive my box from Barcombe every Thursday afternoon (who will be in the Spotlight very soon), I'm hoping to share with you one item from my veg box and give you some nutritional content of it and some simple cooking ideas! I hope you find them useful! NAME // Cavolo Nero, also known as black cabbage or Tuscan kale

GROWING SEASON // mid summer to following spring

NUTRIENTS // vitamins A, C and K, maganese, fibre and iron

This dark leaved brassica is something between a cabbage and kale with a buttery taste. The leaves have a blistered appearance and can be used in many different ways - use young leaves raw in a salad or use very much like spinach. They are super shredded and stirred into a simmering soup and allowed to soften for 20 mins. If you're partial to a fresh juice in the morning, throw some of the leaves in for added nutrients. You can cream or bake in the oven with a cheese sauce topped with breadcrumbs. My personal favourite though is stirred through fresh linguine with some good quality smoked salmon, a squeeze of lemon juice, a dash of olive oil, a spoonful of creme fraiche and smattering of pepper.

Cavolo nero is considered an excellent cancer fighting food and contains many antioxidants (free radical fighting powerhouses). It's also high in carotenoids which are super for eye maintenance.

Here are a few recipes to inspire you:

Black Bean, Cavolo Nero and beef stir fry by James Martin

Fried Cavolo Nero from Delicious Magazine

Cavolo Nero & pancetta tart at BBC Good Food

Cavolo Nero with anchovies, chilli & garlic from Annie Bell

Do leave any other ideas you have for a delicious use for cavolo nero in the comments.

Cavolo nero - veg box inspiration from Retreat // a UK food & Lifestyle blog


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