Lavender honey infused feta cheese

I'm really drawn to lavender at the moment, it's funny because as a teenager I thought lavender was associated with old people and swore I would never like it. Well, in fact I do like, I like it a lot.

I seem to be buying a lot of skin care that contains lavender but I wanted to incorporate it into my food somehow having seen a lovely bunch for sale in my local florist. You have to be careful here as generally dried lavender isn't really for consumption - so get it fresh if you can.

My local shops all seemed to be out of honey and I refuse to buy honey that isn't local so clutching at straws I went to the butchers - he told me to go to the arts and crafts shop! I thought he must be pulling my leg but low and behold the woman had a little stash behind the counter - it turns out her Dad makes his own, and it is DEE-LISH.

I was inspired to infuse the honey by this, which I came across on Pinterest which gives instructions of how. Then simple just pour a good few tablespoons of your infused honey over the feta, add a few nuts (I used pistachios but you can crush some pecans if you prefer) and stick in the fridge for a at least 5 hours, I left it until the next day... was sooooooo good!

Formally Emma Gutteridge