Eyes & Ears - October

It’s been a funny old month. While I’ve been cracking on with personal projects like never before I’ve really struggled to keep focus - a recurring cold has been a running theme and I have a confession to make: I took zero time off and now I’m paying for it! The conclusion is that I need to take some time off and recoup. BUT.. what I have been doing is organising my wardrobe. I’ll talk about the Stacey Dooley documentary below but it was enough to make me realise if something is going to live in my wardrobe it has to be something I love, makes me feel amazing and I don’t walk around feeling guilty I’m wearing it. This is probably all an entirely separate post but I’ll link below to my main wardrobe organisation inspiration!

Podcasts and audiobooks

I don’t know where my podcast mojo is at the moment - I just haven’t been into listening to them. I think Elizabeth Gilberts Magic Lessons (mentioned in Aug) had such a profound effect on me I’ve been grieving it a bit!

The Heavyweight podcast came back with a new series which I’ve been enjoying on the dog walks!

Anna and Lily (almost) ended their At Home With series with an epic conversation with blogger and model Callie Thorpe - I hugely recommend a listen to this. I dealt with almost daily jibes and comments about my weight until my 30’s so it was great to hear someone talk to openly about it with such a great attitude about it (hint - it’s not laughing it off).

Brené Brown - The Power of Vulnerability - this audiobook is E-P-I-C. I listened to 75% of it in the car and the rest on the South Downs. It is essentially queen Brené giving a seminar on shame and vulnerability and as cliched as it sounds, I have come away with some essential mantras to take into life. It came at a great time for me when I was feeling a bit intimidated by someone and their behaviour - Brené says that when faced with any confrontation she stands by ‘Don’t puff up, don’t shrink down, stand your sacred ground’. I mean… just… YES.


Continuing the theme of having a spell of disappointing books I spent a lot of the month reading a book I don’t recommend (which my bookclub would agree with!) but I did also read Sally Rooney’s Conversations with Friends that I LOVED. A friend very on point said ‘it’s like checking in with a good TV series’. There are no ‘flares’ in the book - while the story is centred around an affair, it’s more a quiet observation of emotions and personalities. Hints of the emotions the central character, Frances, are dropped in, very much like you would pick up deeper things about a new friend in the months getting to know them a bit better. I hear Sally’s follow up book Normal People is better than this debut so I’m glad I read this first as its one of those books I will always appreciate having read.

People, blogs and shows

It’s high time I mentioned Anna on this series! I do Anna’s photography and every time we shoot I come away feeling more inspired to organise my life a little! I’ve watched Anna go through the process of writing her book (I’ve seen a few sneaky pages - I wholly recommend pre ordering) while juggling the rest of her life and being a bloody wonderful person - all the while keeping her cool and managing to find time to rearrange her kitchen cupboards! Anna is the queen of a capsule wardrobe and a streamlined beauty cabinet. If you need some organisation in your life, she’s your woman!

Last week I spent a very inspiring day at TEDx Brighton - all of the speakers were amazing but I wanted to highlight Ben Clench. I had met Ben at a networking event a few evenings before and his attitude really resonated with me - both of us were told we would never walk properly again after our car accidents and while we were both standing Ben’s story makes mine pale - doctors said his brain damage was so severe he would never walk or talk. Last year he finished a degree and ran a Brighton marathon. Absolutely mega. He’s also written a book which is next on my list.

This TED talk by Shonda Rhimes is just what I needed this month - she talks about the ‘hum’ being the thing that makes you tick, that drives you and how to get it back when you lose it. Great talk and delivered in the way you would expect from the produced screenwriter of some of America’s most loved TV including Grey’s Anatomy.

This is the documentary on everyone’s lips - Stacey is an insanely human and brilliant presenter and we get just a small glimpse into the impact our shopping choices are having on the planet and living population on earth (humans and marine life). I got up the next morning and threw open my wardrobe feeling ashamed about the frivolous purchases I had made. While I’ve been slowly getting rid of at least 75% of the bulk of clothes I have I realised I still have some work to do and making some serious shopping changes (post to follow).


Tusks - Dissolve Lauren Laverne mentioned this on a podcast I was listening to and I love it! It’s perfect autumn headphone music.

I can’t get enough of Rhye at the moment, I first discovered him (I made the mistake of thinking it was a solo female - it is infact a male by the name of Micheal Milosh) in 2016 and eagerly followed him until album Blood was released this year. It’s a corker with slow tempos and beautiful vocals.

En route home from a party on Saturday night I caught this wonderful 6music session from Ólafur Arnalds - it won’t be available for long so make sure you catch it while you can. All the tracks I would put into my Late Night Tales mix.

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